About Thomas

Thomas Fazekas knows how challenging personal growth can be. His own journey to improve himself and live a fulfilled life is what inspired him to create Freedom From Limiting Beliefs. Having a successful piloting career only hid the feelings of depression, self-hatred, low self-esteem, co-dependency, unworthiness, and approval addiction that eventually became overwhelming after 20 years of wearing the masks of drive, ambition and success.

 Wanting more out of life, Thomas began his odyssey towards freedom. The tools, advice, and experience he gained are what shape the Freedom From Limiting Beliefs program.  His passion is helping others gain victory over their lives.

Leadership has always been important to him as he served his country, was an honor graduate at the Ft. Lewis non-commissioned officer academy, and received the coveted Gold Seal Instructor award for his instructing and piloting excellence. Thomas has led 12-step study programs, open recovery groups, and has sponsored people who are working towards their journey of freedom. His military background helped create a healthy balance between independence and interdependence, propelling others to be the best version of themselves by helping create positive self-relationships as well as healthy connections with like-minded people.

What makes Freedom From Limiting Beliefs different from other personal growth websites is that, unlike many other coaches and encouragers, Thomas has actually made the journey himself and knows exactly what it’s like to find yourself at your wits end and having no idea where start this journey.  This experience gives him valuable insight into what awaits the person that decides to change their life.

 In his spare time, Thomas can be found still traveling the world. Spending time in so many different places allows Thomas to connect with people from all races, religions, and cultural backgrounds through genuine understanding and empathy.