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  • Start Fresh Each Day

    By now those of you who have been reading this blog know that I hate cliche’s and vapid infographics.  However, this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt hits home with me so I thought I would share it.  This post is one…
  • Ignoring Negative Opinions

     (It is a bit snarky, and we don’t want to ignore folks totally unless they are really abusive, but I just couldn’t help but use this pic.  Besides, you can never go wrong with Marilyn in the picture no…
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    Controlling Your Self-Talk

    I love this picture.  Doesn’t that sometimes feel like what’s going on? Think about how many times a day you talk to yourself. It probably starts in the morning. You envision what complaints your boss is going to make today,…
  • Letting Go of All That Holds You Back

     If you were to take a backpacking trip for one week across parts of the Appalachian Trail, what would you bring with you? Your end goal is a beautiful mountaintop in Tennessee. Remember that you will not see civilization…
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