Why Your Self-Identity Is Important


In the previous article, “What Is Your Self-Identity,” we defined and got to the heart of what a person’s self-identity is.  In this article we are going to find out why knowing your self-identity is important.

Knowing who we really are plays a key role in how we think, how we feel, and how we actually go about our day to day lives.  Without knowing our personal identity we are much like a rudderless ship drifting aimlessly on the ocean, subject to the whims of the tides and winds. For this reason knowing our self-identity is important.

It has been said that if people would only know their true identity, then they would be happier, more content, and more loving first to themselves and then to others.  I believe that there is a great deal of truth in that statement.  If you don’t know who you are, your true identity as we talked about in the previous article, then how could you love yourself?  You couldn’t because you would have no idea “who” you were loving.  Is it the person your family tells you that you are?  Or is it what people at work say about you?  Perhaps the opinion of that irate person that cut you off in traffic?  If you don’t know your true identity then you are open to the negative opinions of others and then there is no way you can love yourself.  Who will you be loving, yourself or the opinions of others.  If you can’t love yourself then surely you can’t love others.

Without knowing your true identity you won’t be able to be content.  If you have no idea who you are at the very core then you are always going to feel broken, like a part of you is missing.  You can see how our sense of wholeness Self-Identity Is Importantdepends on our knowing our true identity.  Without that knowledge of who we are, without that wholeness, we will feel unhealed, lonely, and alone.

Building upon the previous paragraph, if you feel like you are living a life full of stress, frustration and disappointment then you are probably living a life that is inconsistent with your true and authentic identity.  So this gives us one more good reason to know who we are.  If we don’t what our identity is, then we cannot start living a life that is consistent with our true nature and values and we will only frustrate ourselves rather than be able to live in harmony with our identity and be able to live up to our true potential.

So you can see to know your self-identity is important because it contains your gifts, talents, capabilities, and yes Einstein, your genius (maybe I should have said Wile E.).  When we know who we are, our true and authentic identity, we no longer have to go around existing as something less than we really are.  We will be healthy, healed and whole inside, and living a life that is consistent with our true nature rather than perhaps viewing ourselves in a poor light because that’s what has been jammed into us and reinforced by negative circumstances (whatever they may be).

This makes our true and authentic identity the most important power that controls how we live our lives and determines how we act.  People will act in accordance with how they see themselves, whether it is a true and accurate view or not.

Have you ever had success in spite of yourself?  Or perhaps you have done something that was completely foreign to you, but yet it for that instant it felt natural and authentic?  What you did was tap into the true and authentic identity that you didn’t know even existed.  Have you told yourself after you have had those experiences that it would be great if you could be that way all the time?  I’m sure most of us have said something along those lines, and the exciting thing is, you can greatly increase your chances of duplicating that type of success when you know who you are.

If we want to be successful at whatever it we want to be successful at, you must know your own true and authentic identity.  Your success depends solely upon you.  You may need some help implementing your ideas, and thoughts, Self-Identity Is Importantbut successfully carrying out whatever plan you have rests solely with you.  But without knowledge of who we are, we won’t have the power and energy to see the goal through to a successful completion, we won’t see ourselves as we truly are which is successful and powerful according to our gifts and talents (important parts of our true identity).  Our personal performance in achieving a particular goal successfully (as long as it is aligned with out true identity) is going to rest on our ability to fall back on the strength of knowing who we are at our core.  If you don’t have a good solid foundation, then you will crumble when the tough times appear, and any good worthwhile goal or dream usually has some tough times associated with it.

I hope this has given you some good reasons why knowing your self-identity is important, and while this is by no means an exhaustive list, it does make some very valuable points as to why you should set about finding out who you really are at your core.

There is one more important reason we should strive to find out our identity and that is to quit wasting time on shallow and superficial pursuits.  Most people spend time chasing after things that bring no real value to their lives and leave them feeling empty, only to have to go out and chase after that next false thing that will no more fill the empty gap within them than you can pound sand down a rat-hole.  If we know who we are down at the deep core level, our true and authentic identity, then we will only pursue those things that will truly fulfill us and make us happy in the long run.  We will also treat ourselves with more respect than we ever have and what we take into our bodies and minds will be far better for our well-being than anything that we have done before.

Although it’s difficult to get down to the nitty-gritty of finding out who we truly are, it pays off great dividends in every area of our lives.  Your self-identity is important, there is no time like now to get started!


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